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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000362   [MeediOS]
[app] Core
majoracknowledged (DJ Heemstra)2014-04-06Managing the cache
  00000273   [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Input
featureacknowledged2017-01-11Filter as you type in Evolution theme not work
  0000107    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
minornew2016-05-25Checkbox "Resizable Wndow" in WPFUI need to be available only in Windowed mode
  0000106    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
minornew2016-05-02Internal Video Player: Paused video > set watched
  0000105    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Import
blocknew2015-08-19Library "Actors" is locked by a data importer if another one is running.
  00001021   [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Import
blockresolved (banderson1311)2015-08-12MoviesData Actors Scraper TheMovieDb crash MovieDataImporter
  0000104    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Module
featurenew2015-08-09Show automatically "Update Library" popupmenu page from ELB if the library is empty.
  00001011   [MeediOS Optimizations and Requests ]
minorresolved (banderson1311)2015-08-07Translation needed in submenu of SimpleHome
  000007321 [MeediOS Optimizations and Requests ]
minorresolved (banderson1311)2015-08-06FileBrowseModule: How to navigate in LAN ?
  00000802   [MeediOS Optimizations and Requests ]
featureresolved (banderson1311)2015-08-05Remove input command in WPFUI
  00000943   [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
featureresolved (banderson1311)2015-07-27Problem with the button Random, repeat, repeat one... in Video NPL
  00001031   [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
featureresolved (banderson1311)2015-07-12Controlpoint can't save the playlists
  0000098    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Module
featureassigned (ccrocker)2015-03-07Bug in ELB to show movies from an actor
  00000667   [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Module
minorassigned (ccrocker)2014-12-10The refresh of the detail screen not works after added multi posters using popupmenu in ELB
  000006991 [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
featurenew2014-09-08MixMee not works
  00000772   [MeediOS Optimizations and Requests ]
featurenew2014-08-07Ignore special caracters when using "SEARCH" in top menu of ELB
  0000052    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] Module
minorassigned (ccrocker)2014-05-25Search view need to be fixed to support multi poster in ELB
  0000050    [MeediOS Optimizations and Requests ]
minorassigned (ccrocker)2014-05-23Add Auto NO for the DialogBox in MediOSUpdate Plugin
  0000013    [MeediOS]
minorassigned (althack)2013-10-31wpfbrowser control should be able to respond to keyboard input #wpfui #customformwebbrowser #core
  0000009    [MeediOS]
[Plugins] General
featureassigned (althack)2013-10-28#webbrowser updated WPF or modern browser control


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