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Welcome, OpenMAID is the central repository for MeediOS plugins.

Last 8 Updated Plugins:
Fanart.TV Fanart Scraper
Plugin used to update files that are not included in the plugins.
PlayMee is a video player enhancer. It plays media based on user-defined conditions in any configured external player. Includes: off-line media support with prompt; auto-play of Blu-Ray, HDDVD, DVD, SVCD, VCD, any file-type; automatic mounting of images;
Rename and move files and directories based on library tags
TheAudioDB Album Coverart Scraper
Video Player using madVR, LAV, FFdshow, Reclock, and SVP directshow filters
Shows weather data from the media library.
Traduction francaise de MeediOS.

20 Most Downloaded

10384 Evolution Screen Theme
5860 Evolution Media logos
5258 madVR_VideoPlayer
4441 DiscID
4096 Enhanced Library Browser Module
3576 MeediosUpdate
3080 Assemblies Updater
3027 MusicDataImporter
2880 MoviesDataImporter
2656 Notifications
2590 MusicData.Lyrics.LyricWiki
2426 MusicDataGeneral
2241 Sky Sound Theme 3
2181 Import Scheduler
2038 TriggerMee
1833 MoviesFileImporter
1805 EvolutionLight Image Theme
1668 Theme Settings
1593 PopUpMenu


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MoviesDataSuite HomeModule TVShowsDataSuite MusicDataSuite
A suite of plugins to retrieve information about your movies. Extends the functions of the first group module. A suite of plugins to retrieve information about your TV shows. A suite of plugins to retrieve information about your Music.
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