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One of the great strengths of MeediOS is its ease of development. Everything is based on a plugin, there is a standard internal messaging system and we use common technologies such as WPF and C#. There are also many examples and tutorials on our forums to get you started. If you miss a feature in MeediOS why not write your own plugin?



Developers Discussion Forum
MeediOS C# tips For dummies
WPF Words of wisdom
Hello World example plugin
Importer example plugin
Creating plugins guide

Wiki Guide



First port of call should always be our Developers Discussion Forum, many questions will already be answered in here. If you can't find what your looking for make a new post with your question, we have many experts on the forums who are more than happy to help.

Our developers corner Wiki also has lots of valuable information, we encourage any developers to add to this as they learn.

Please don't pm developers unless its absolutely necessary.

Things to think about

MeediOS has been designed so that there are unlimited possibilities when writing plugins, this can sometimes cause problems. The most common challenge for a developer of a visual plugin is to make it multi UI compatible. Also remember that some users run 64bit operating systems and other users run windows with different languages.


The main MeediOS SVN can be found here. If you have developed a new plugin please upload it under your own alias on our SVN.

If you want to modify core components in MeediOS its always best to have a private discussion with our lead developer DJ Heemstra before commiting, this ensures the stability and direction of MeediOS can be maintained.

There is a guide to compiling MeediOS and committing code on our forums here. To compile a complete working MeediOS install, just download the code with tortoise SVN and run the build script batch file.

Developement ideas

Bored or stuck for ideas? There is a large thread on our forum dedicated to plugin requests. There is also a feature request thread for more general enhancements.


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