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Getting Started with MeediOS

startThis is probably the best place to look for an overall idea of how to configure MeediOS from start to finish. It covers the basics of setting up MeediOS for a first-time user, through to a number of popular tweaks once you have got your feet firmly on the MeediOS ground.



Modifying the Appearance of MeediOS

evolution miniBy default MeediOS comes with the great-looking Evolution theme, and a number of others are available for download. Each theme has recommended plugins and configuration, so check out this comprehensive guide to setting up Evolution to suit your needs.



Managing Views

glassesViews help you present your media details on-screen, letting you browse, manage and play your media. This short guide covers the basics of editing views using the Configuration Editor.



Adding a Remote Control

remote iconMeediOS works with a number of input devices - anything that can emulate a keyboard, in fact - as well as specific support for third-party remotes such as the MCE remote control.

This guide covers installing and setting up a new input plugin. It introduces the Configuration Editor, and shows how to learn IR codes and assign these to MeediOS commands.



Advanced Topics

Icon AdvancedThe power of MeediOS is finally unleashed - add your own media libraries, use MeediOS as a Games Centre, advanced remote control and home automation, and learn the secrets of the Configuration Editor.



Help us maintain the MeediOS Wiki

Since MeediOS devs are working hard on making the plugins better and easier to use, so we ask our users to help maintain the Wiki user guide. The wiki can be updated by any forum member so sign up and start writing down your experiences for the benefit of others.





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