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MeediOS Media Center

MeediOS on your Iphone

Fancy controlling MeediOS from your Iphone? A new API from forum member Hisduty might just let that happen. He's currently working on an Iphone interface for MeediOS as part of his Web API project. The possibilities of this extend far beyond an Iphone app, it could let you control MeediOS from any web enabled device or browser.

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New popup functionality

meePopupProvider has been updated by flclsd and includes lots of new features and core functionality for MeediOS. In its simplest form, the plugin can show info on an artist, album or a movie in a pop up on screen. flclsd also added functions to delete files, custom ratings, cycle fanart or check the weather. Another big feature that a lot of people have been waiting for is the ability to watch trailers, these can be viewed as a popup or fullscreen.

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MCE remote plugin

Undoubtedly the most popular way of controlling MeediOS is to use a remote control but before now people have had to use a 3rd party piece of software to interact with the software. Today sees the release of the MCE remote plugin by reverson1 that lets you learn commands from inside the MeediOS configuration app. With full windows 7 support and complete flexibility in how you assign the remotes buttons this plugin gives you control of MeediOS in the way you want.

MCE v0.2 alpha


MeediOS Installer 0.5 Released


It is our pleasure to announce the major release of the MeediOS Installer v0.5. Special thanks goes to skypichat for all his hard work on the installer and all the other developers and testers 




MeediOS Installer 0.4.5 Released

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the MeediOS Installer v0.4.5. Special thanks goes to skypichat for all his hard work on the installer and


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