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MeediOS 'Amsterdam' Release


Anyone who has been to Amsterdam knows how wonderfully organised and easy it is to get around. And so the latest version of MeediOS has been named after that wonderful city. It brings a lot more functionality out of the box, by adding in commonly used plugins, plus some speed increase too, thanks to moving to .NET version 4.5.  We've updated the automatic update functionality too, so it's all in one place.  Most existing plugins have been amended to take advantage of this new structure. Version 2.0 plugins are deprecated.

It may not sound like much, but simplification and streamlining are important as we get ready for the official beta release of MeediOS.  You cvan read the details in the forum thread here



MeediOS Scraper Roundup

MeediOS has a couple of plugins that can download data from online sources for your Movies and Music collections. Each plugin supports additional plugins for grabbing data called scrapers. Recently an update has been released that can automatically download available scrapers that have been uploaded to OpenMAID on the MeediOS website. Scrapers can be used to grab fanart, posters, details, album reviews, lyrics and artist images. Anyone can write a scaper plugin following a basic API which has resulted in many sites and languages being suported in MeediOS.

MovieMee Importer

MusicData Importer


Poster and Fanart Module

The news keeps on coming thick and fast at the moment, this time its a new module to download Poster and Fanart. MeediOS has had a batch movie importer for a while but lacked the ability to change the artwork inside the MeediOS GUI. With the release of the new version of meePopupProvider you can change posters or fanart via a pop up link. As always thanks to flclsd for the plugin development and crn for his testing and theme support.

Forum thread


MeediOS adds madVR Video Renderer


It's been a while since we updated the News section, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on.  Excitingly for videophiles, MeediOS now supports the madVR video player codecs.  Thanks to ccrocker for wriritng and supporting this plugin, which has rapidly gone to a full (1.0) release. It even installs all the necessary codecs for you. You'll find the plugin here and the support thread here.

madVR is a high quality video renderer which uses the GPU rather than the CPU, meaning higher frame rates can be supported, along with a host of high-end features: high quality chroma upsampling, high quality scaling (bicubic, mitchell, lanczos, spline etc), high quality YCbCr -> RGB conversion, gamut & gamma correction for display calibration, full 16bit processing queue, bypassing of the graphics card's video (damage) algorithms. The player also supports LAV filters and ReClock, and includes support for features like subtitle selection which MeediOS stanrd player (based on WMP) lacks by default.


MeediOS on your Iphone

Fancy controlling MeediOS from your Iphone? A new API from forum member Hisduty might just let that happen. He's currently working on an Iphone interface for MeediOS as part of his Web API project. The possibilities of this extend far beyond an Iphone app, it could let you control MeediOS from any web enabled device or browser.

Forum thread


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