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MeediOS Media Center

MeediOS PVR updated


Great news - MeediOS PVR has been updated to be compatible with the Amsterdam release.  Version 0,6,x includes much smoother setup, channel icons, and full integration with MeediOS - including automatic episode art and data importation (using TVShowsDataImporter) and more.

MeediOS PVR manages importing your TV guide, handling schedules, waking up the TV server and hibernating when needed, and making sure recordings are started. Because MeediOS PVR is based on

Argus TV, all you need is an Argus TV Server somewhere on your home network. It doesn't even have to be on the same PC as MeediOS.

 Thanks to NeverMind for this great plugin. See the support thread here.


Youtube Music Video Search

MeediOS can now search youtube for music videos. The feature has been added to meePopupProvider so a simple menu can be brought up to search for any music track in your library. The best thing is the video is saved to your computer so only needs to be downloaded once. Now all we need is some more HD music videos on Youtube.


Mixmee Studio

Thanks to Hisdudity, we have some great new playlist functionality for MeediOS: MixMee Suite integrates a complete solution to create intelligent mixes from your music library. Choose a specific track or ask it to select one at random and MixMee instantly creates a mix based on the style of those tracks. As the process does not rely on file tags but on audiofingerprinting (i.e. acoustic analysis), it even works on unorganized collections.

Forum Thread


Movie Trailers

With the recent release of the MeePopupProvider plugin it is now possible to view trailers from your movie librararies. If the trailer tag exists in your library an option is available to view the trailer inside a pop up or full screen. Dakkar has also added an option to his MovieMee plugin to scrape trailers from different online sites. This means anyone can write or update a scraper to automatically link trailers to Movies.


MeediOS 'Amsterdam' Release


Anyone who has been to Amsterdam knows how wonderfully organised and easy it is to get around. And so the latest version of MeediOS has been named after that wonderful city. It brings a lot more functionality out of the box, by adding in commonly used plugins, plus some speed increase too, thanks to moving to .NET version 4.5.  We've updated the automatic update functionality too, so it's all in one place.  Most existing plugins have been amended to take advantage of this new structure. Version 2.0 plugins are deprecated.

It may not sound like much, but simplification and streamlining are important as we get ready for the official beta release of MeediOS.  You cvan read the details in the forum thread here



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