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MeediOS Media Center

MeeScores Sports plugin

The new MeeScores plugin lets you check all kinds of sports scores, match reviews and video highlights from the ESPN website. Categories include NHL, Basketball, World Soccer, College Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Tennis, NASCAR, NFL and Major League Baseball so there should be something to suit most sports fans.


MeediOS Beta is released!

Welcome to Berlin!


The MeediOS team is pleased to announce the long awaited beta release of MeediOS - Berlin. Now you can truly view and manage your media your way.


Introducing the OpenMAIDOS Module

In the last month alone, there have been 104 plugin updates! With such an active development community it can sometimes be hard to keep up to date with all the new releases. To help users keep track of everything flclsd wrote the OpenMAIDOS module, it will instantly show new plugins or those that need to be updated from a simple graphical interface. It can also show details and screenshots for any plugin on our central repository. Just select an item to update and install.


MeeMedia Streaming Plugin

Another big milestone for MeediOS sees the release of MeeMedia online content plugin. For anyone who remembers the old meedio plugin, it was a complete solution for online streaming audio and video. Blubberhoofd has improved the old codebase with a scripting framework so anyone can create scrapers for online content. Current sites supported include: youtube, hulu, cnet tv, Escapist and itunes trailers. Some users have already started creating scaper plugins on our forums.


MeediOS PVR updated


Great news - MeediOS PVR has been updated to be compatible with the Amsterdam release.  Version 0,6,x includes much smoother setup, channel icons, and full integration with MeediOS - including automatic episode art and data importation (using TVShowsDataImporter) and more.

MeediOS PVR manages importing your TV guide, handling schedules, waking up the TV server and hibernating when needed, and making sure recordings are started. Because MeediOS PVR is based on

Argus TV, all you need is an Argus TV Server somewhere on your home network. It doesn't even have to be on the same PC as MeediOS.

 Thanks to NeverMind for this great plugin. See the support thread here.


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