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MeediOS Media Center

Accurate file importing

MeediOS has traditionally used "tag masks" to import media filenames. This was great for the power user, providing a way to import just about any kind of naming scheme. Unfortunately new users found this difficult to understand so flclsd started work on a set of specific Movie and TVShow file importers. After many days of testing they have been released and quickly embraced by the community. Most people will simply have to install the plugin and it should automatically find movie names and tvshow details without any kind of advanced configuration.


Tales of a Meedio Upgrade

A nice snippet from our forums on the Meedio to MeediOS upgrade process:

"I would just like to say ... WOW .. being a reasonably excessive meedio user for about 2 years .. the setup was miles ahead of my first meedio 1.41 install .. and it was a matter of minutes before meedios was spewing fanart at me .. WOW .. its absolutely incredible .. Id just like to take the time out to say to the developers of the core and all the plugins .. THANK YOU .. (especially HDW) using the new meedios and then firing up my old meedio install to compare .. makes me realise how absolutely mindblowing the new meedios is .. this is a VERY special app .. with potential to be (if it isnt already) the PREMIUM HTPC app ..."

Forum Thread


Browse and play MeediOS libraries on mobile devices

Browse and play MeediOS libraries on mobile devices

MeediOS now supports browsing libraries and playing media on any device which supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).  

MeediOS acts as a UPnP Server so mobile apps (and PC and Mac Media Players) which act as UPnP clients can be used to browse libraries, view media details and play your media files.

We are continuing to increase the number of mobile players supported. Please try it out and report your success on the support thread here.

Here are screenshots of the great AV Remote accessing a MeediOS library on Windows 8.

en 1 main player server messages

We don't normally give free plugs, but AVRemote works with Windows 8 and Windows Phone and is supported by none other than Harald Wagner, the original major contributor to MeediOS. We all owe "HDW" a great debt, so why not try out AV Remote by downloading from the Windows Store here?  A Windows Phone 8 version is available here.


NiceCovers Importer

Everyone likes good looking artwork, so forum member flclsd has released the "nicecovers" importer for MeediOS. Just run the import on your TV show or Movie library to turn any posters into a classy looking box art.

NiceCovers Importer


MeeScores Sports plugin

The new MeeScores plugin lets you check all kinds of sports scores, match reviews and video highlights from the ESPN website. Categories include NHL, Basketball, World Soccer, College Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Tennis, NASCAR, NFL and Major League Baseball so there should be something to suit most sports fans.


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