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MeediOS Media Center

Evolution Theme Update 1.2.6

New evolution 1.2.6 release is out. Features include support for the new jukebox module, using aeon screens in sub styles and random movies from a popup. You will require the new versions of home module and enhanced media library. The evolution download is available here.


New Boxset Feature

The great strength of MeediOS has always been its database features, so its good to see someone coming up with a plugin to automatically group Movie Series. Ccrocker on our forums just released his Freebase scraper plugin which creates the 'FilmSeries', 'Sequel' and 'Prequel' fields in your Movie library. Using these new fields, we can create all kinds of interesting views such as boxsets, sequels or maybe future "play next in movie series" functionality in Themes.


Animated backgrounds

The innovation keeps coming with the release of a new Evolution theme; MeediOS is now capable of animated backgrounds. This stuff has to be seen to be believed so check out the vimeo video or full resolution download. You can simply drop a WMV in the background folder and it will show on the main homescreen as you browse the menu. You can find some cool animated backgrounds on the dreamscene website.

EVOLUTION v1.2.5 Alpha


Game Emulation in MeediOS

MeediOS is incredibly versatile and it never ceases to amaze me what people come up with. We have had a ROM importer since the early days of MeediOS but no obvious way view the data or launch the emulators. Forum member senortinto recently posted some amazing screenshots of his ROM setup that he's managed to put together. He uses a combination of erebus44's ROM importer plugin, as well as playmee to launch the roms and modified evolution screens. The end result of his hard work is a very capable console game management system.




New Jukebox Module

Flclsd has released a new jukebox module that lets you browse a media library with instant on-screen filtering. You can quickly jump to a specific genre, year, codec or by alphabetical letter. The obvious use for this is a jukebox for music but it also works for tvshows! This was a popular Meedio plugin so its great to finally see the MeediOS version, we're not aware of any other HTPC app that has this feature yet.

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