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 Post subject: MeediOS Cairo Beta is available
PostMessage posted...: July 2nd, 2014, 9:01 am 
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(...with apologies to those without a sense of humour. *grin*)In there beginning, there was radio. Though it did enthrall the easily amused, they longed for plentiful visuals. And radio begat television, which begat obese children and dinners wrapped in foil which could be reheated. Yet, within the glory of TV, Satan did thrive. A plague befouled the land: Twixt every six minutes of enjoyment, Satan did place four minutes of visuals hocking static-cling floor mops, luxury automobiles and low, low remortgage rates. The people cried out for a saviour, which arrived from upon high, The saviour said: Let those who repent call upon the name of myHTPC! The land flourished. The people worked in the fields, secure in the knowledge they could watch American Idol after the August Harvest. But all was not well in the land. myHTPC did meet with the snake in the Garden of Eden, who shared the apple of capitalism. And myHTPC ate from the tree of knowledge, for just 3 easy payments of $39.99 (plus S&H). The disciples of myHTPC formed The Following of the Tweaker, for just one easy payment of $49.99 USD and called it Meedio. Peace and plugins were bountiful. But, yea, all was not well throughout the land. From upon the purple mountain, a Juggernaught watched in wait. For 2 years that Juggernaught watched until one day, it captured and pillaged Meedio, leaving it alone to die. But The Following of the Tweaker believed in Meedio and before long it rose from the ashes faster and stronger than ever before. And (...because it was Open Source...) The Following of the Tweaker christened it MeediOS. MediUS 1:41 The MeediOS Team (aka The Following of the Tweaker) would like to announce the first offical Beta release of MeediOS. Believe it or not, Yahoo! acquired Meedio in 2006. It's taken MeediOS 8 years of hard work, dedication, and overcoming a variety of challenges to the life of the project to arrive at this point. In honor of Pablo Pissanetzky, the creater of myHTPC and Meedio and in honor of the early contributors to MeediOS (hdwagner, crn, karios, binary64, zag, skypichat, jong, jkm78, kricker, dj heemstra, reverson1, shawn bass, smf007, ufgraymatter, ccrocker, enemywithin, davido, walts81, dakkar, flclsd, banderson1311, artfulfox, enthalpient, wolfpack, and those who are not forgotten) we present Cairo. [url=http://www.meedios.com/EN/forum/download/file.php?id=16246&mode=view]Image[/url] Now you can truly view and manage your media your way.

Don't forget to take a look to the BugTracker...
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