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MeediOS is free, open source software, that is designed to manage and display all of your media, in a single comprehensive package. With extensive media support, endless customisability and an elegant interface that the whole family can use, it is the perfect addition to any media-center PC. Just some of its supported media includes: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Games, Online Media, Web-browsing and much more. It also supports the playback of these on most formats and mediums including; physical, digital and web-based.

Its advantage over other software is that it grants you complete freedom over your media. It does not restrict you. It allows you to display your media, the way you want it displayed. Featuring a two-tier system, MeediOS is quick and easy to install, and intuitive and easy to use. However, for those who want more control from their front-end software, they can obsessively fine-tune it to their satisfaction by using the incredibily powerful and advanced configuration editor. These are just a small number of the reasons why people choose to use MeediOS.

Interested? Why not grab the demo! With its pre-populated libraries and sample media files, you can have an instant hands-on experience of what your own install of MeediOS could be like! Remember though, MeediOS is endlessly customisable, and the demo provides just a small taste of what you can achieve. So if you like what you see, why not try the free, full download!

You want to browse your libraries anywhere in your network and play your media on your UPnP / DLNA compatible multimedia devices?
Try AV Remote and your wishes will be fulfilled.

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